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Lawn Maintenance Programs

    People have their residential lawns or commercial properties managed by professionals for a variety of reasons:

  • No time or desire to maintain their lawn themselves
  • Little or no equipment
  • Little or no expertise to achieve the desired result
   When choosing a landscape maintenance company, service and quality are to be expected year round. Gate City Landscaping, Inc. has the professional staff, expertise, and quality equipment to meet all of your lawn maintenance needs. These staff members and offices are strategically placed in Greensboro, NC and in Raleigh, NC to better serve the Triad and Triangle areas of the state. Attention to detail is our trademark. Being on your property at least once every week allows us to see trouble spots, recommend repairs, and take the action needed to repair these troublesome areas. You deserve a company that strives to do a quality job, all of the time.

   If you are a home owner or a commercial company looking for a qualified, performance driven lawn maintenance and landscaping company to attend to your needs in the Greensboro or Raleigh areas, Gate City Landscaping, Inc. is your one stop company. We are licensed and fully insured, and offer free estimates and payment plans. Contact us today for your free consultation and estimate.

   We offer year round, full service maintenance contracts that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • During the growing season all lawn areas will be mowed to a sufficient height, to ensure a neat and healthy appearance.
  • Prune and shape all shrubbery monthly.
  • Edge all walks and curbs utilizing a metal edging blade.
  • Plant beds will be edged to ensure a neat appearance and to maintain shape.
  • All pruning of plant material will occur monthly during the growing season to ensure a neat  appearance. 
  • Eradicate (manually or chemically) weeds in shrub/flower beds as needed to maintain a neat appearance. 
  • Keep all walks, curbs, breezeways, and parking areas clear of grass clippings.
  • Remove leaves from the property on an as needed basis.

   Turf aeration:

  • Turf aeration, reseeding, and fertilization - September-October
  • Seeding will occur at the same time aeration occurs with an application rate of 6 pounds per 1,000 square foot. 

    Turf fertilization:
The following schedule will be performed to ensure a healthy turf appearance.

             SPRING STARTER: 
A spring feeding for spring root development along with Barricade to combat crabgrass. 
              LATE SPRING:
A combination of the best fertilizers along with the best weed and insect controls for an outstanding lawn.
              SUMMER BEAUTIFIER:
A blended fertilizer used to continue the strong growth of your lawn and to combat insects.
This application will continue to green and thicken the turf while fighting weeds and insects.
One of the most important treatments, the winterizer will protect your lawn during the harsh winter months, while providing essential nutrients for early spring green-up.


·         All mulching (hardwood, pine nuggets, and pine straw) is provided when desired by the customer and a cost to be agreed upon between the two parties.
·         Seasonal color (flowers) can be planted for the customer on an as needed basis at a cost to be agreed upon between the two parties.

All of these services are also available in their individual capacities as well, at a cost to be determined.

      ALL YARDS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL, with that in mind; Gate City Landscaping’s lawn care program is designed differently for each customer to produce the best results.
We begin by taking a good look at your grass to diagnose problems, analyze the soil, take an inventory of weeds, and identify any unwanted insects that are making their home in your yard. A plan is then designed that is perfect for your lawn.



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